Outdoor and Architectural Lighting Tips for 2018

A lot of effort goes into making the outside of your home have curb appeal, but unfortunately that hard work seemingly goes to waste as the prized features of your home fade into the darkness of night. Architectural and Landscape lighting is a way to highlight the beauty of your home all day and all night.
There are several ways to use light to highlight the best features of your home’s exterior and outdoor spaces. Here are some tips when lighting the different areas of your home.

Trees, especially decorative ones, are great home accents. If you want to light your trees use ground lights straight up into the foliage. Be sure to also bathe the trunk in light because if you don’t the uplit crown will look like a hovering UFO. For a more dramatic look try lighting foliage from above by placing two 20-watt downlights as high in a tree as possible and pointing them so that their beams do not cross.

When illuminating your garden you want the light to be focused on one plant to the next, instead of a flood of light over the whole bed. To achieve this look place fixtures no closer than 20 feet apart.

To highlight the architectural details of your home use bullet lights with bulbs that have 12-degree beam spreads, and aim them at the corners of your house. Use softer wash lights to fill in the space between them and avoid harsh shadows.

Garden Walls
To highlight your garden walls place your lighting close to the base so that the beams bring textures into sharp relief.

Focal Points
You can highlight an element that deserves attention—such as a fountain, tree swing, or arbor—by having two crossing lights aimed at the feature you want to illuminate; this reduces shadows.

Types of Lighting
There are many types of lighting you can use around the exterior of your home.

  • Garden – These come in posts and reflect light down into planting beds. These can also be used as pathway markers. Unlike other lights, their style and finish are on display.
  • Wash – Wash lights put out a soft, diffuse light. This type of lighting is perfect for brightening flat facades, privacy fences, and garden walls.
  • Bullet – These lights put out a narrow focused light good for precisely lighting house features, tree trunks, and garden structures.
  • Well – The bulb hides inside a waterproof housing buried in the ground, so you get light without seeing the fixture. Use well lights to illuminate the underside of plant foliage or the base of retaining or garden walls.
  • Downlight – These fixtures, often located high on trunks and branches, can be aimed at lawns, paths, or the tree’s own foliage to create a whimsical moonlit effect.
  • Flood – While these are the most common lights, the brightness and wideness of the lighting limits their potential in design; use sparingly on large areas.

History of Exterior Christmas Lights

Exterior holiday lights are as a part of the season as the Christmas tree, but did you know the history of the holiday lights we all know and love?

In 1882 the modern Christmas light was invented by Edward H. Johnson, inventor and vice president of Thomas Edison’s booming electric company, lit up his New York City home off Fifth Avenue with a string of 80 colorful lights.

Johnsons displays were so popular that patents for electric Christmas lights were starting to appear on the books in 1890. Magazines such as the New York Post and Scientific American began running advertisements for the rental of stringed Christmas lights in 1899 and 1900, and department stores began using electrically lit trees as window displays around 1901. But at a cost of roughly $2,000 in today’s currency, these lights were for the very wealthy.

These electric lights, were not only expensive, but a fire hazard as well. Throughout the 20th century electric lights became safer and much more affordable. In the second half of the century light displays became more elaborate. Neighbors tried to outdo each other in creating the most outlandish displays.

Computer-controlled lighting took off in the 1990s, including a fully programmable lighting system patented in 1995. Newer inventions use software and wireless networks to create elaborate lighting displays that change based on the music pumped through the system.

The next biggest improvement to the exterior holiday lights is the LED. The LED lights are clearly the future of holiday lighting, in part due to their robust design (they’re completely encased in plastic) but also because of their efficiency consuming much less electricity than their incandescent counterparts.

If you are interested in continuing a tradition over 130 years in the making, but don’t have the time to install Christmas lights, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspective. Our holiday light set up and breakdown can give you all the Christmas spirit without the hassle.

Outdoor Christmas Light Displays


October is almost over and it will be Christmas season before you know it. For almost a month now stores have been stocked with Christmas decorations and lighting options, but how do you know which look to go for? Here are some of the top holiday lighting trends for Christmas this year.


#1 Interactive and Projector Displays

Customization is key this year. Have a lifelike movie projection of Santa reading a book by a fire, falling snow, or dancing reindeer dash across your home. With some of these set ups you can even project a custom message. The limits are only your imagination. These displays are easy to set up and can be as simple as a laser dot light show, or as complex and intricate as displays timed with music.


#2 Pop Culture Decorations

Star Wars isn’t the first thing you think when you hear Christmas, but these decorations, as well with Disney characters, are flying off the shelves. Giant lawn displays are also increasing in popularity, whether inflatable or not. There is more opportunity, now more than ever, to personalize your outdoor holiday display to reflect your personality.


#3 Keep it simple

With all the options available with modern outdoor holiday decorations, a simple, elegant, classic look will likely stand out from the crowd. Traditional garlands and holiday lights never go out of style and allow you to pick a happy middle between Ebenezer Scrooge and Clark Grizwold.


#3 LED lighting

LED lights are energy savers and, every year, more and more people are making the switch. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from; this is probably your best bet for those who want to express their creativity without running up the electric bill.


Whatever your holiday lighting style, having an impressive outdoor holiday light display is a great way to bring holiday cheer to your neighborhood.  Unfortunately, spending hours in the cold fumbling with lights is not the ideal way to spend a weekend in November. Hiring a professional outdoor holiday lighting display installation company can help save you time and a headache. We design, install and break down your Christmas light display so you can just go back to enjoying the holidays.

3 Benefits of Outdoor Lights


It’s that time of year again when we notice that it starts getting darker earlier and earlier each night. Pretty soon daylight savings time kicks in, and it’s the dead of night by the time people get home from work. Nobody likes having to drive up to a dark, dreary home. Exterior lighting not only improves the way your home looks, there are other benefits as well.


Improve Safety


Poorly lit areas can pose a safety hazard to your family or guests due to unseen hazards in the shadows. It can be hard to see a darkened driveway at night, causing accidents and even damage if entryways are not lit properly. Exterior light—including walkway and stair lights—can greatly improve visibility after dark.


Deter Crime

Studies show that outdoor lighting is a deterrent to criminals who would strike at night. Vandals, thieves, and would-be intruders use the darkness to hide. Exterior illumination makes your property a less-than-appealing target.


Improves Functionality

Exterior lighting improves the functionality of your home, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces even after the sun goes down. It’s still warm enough to enjoy your yard, but the fun doesn’t have to end after it gets dark.


There are many different ways you can illuminate the exterior of your house in both a functional and aesthetically appealing manner, adding grace and drama to your home. Call the experts at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and we can design and install the perfect exterior lighting for your home that suits your needs, aesthetics, and budget.

Making Something Good Even Better in Manhasset, NY


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Manhassett, NY, Landscape LightingA large portion of our business here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island comes from existing and returning customers. We value the relationships we have forged with our clients. Whether it is a customer we are in close contact with or a customer we haven’t heard from in a while — just like a good friend, it never takes long for us to catch up as if no time has passed since we last spoke.

Such is the case with our recent project in Manhasset, NY, where we installed the initial low-voltage lighting system for these amazing homeowners some years back. During the interim of the initial installation and reaching out to us, they had another outdoor lighting company come in and do an LED-retrofit. An LED retrofit entails changing out the halogen components with LED on existing fixtures.

Manhassett, NY, Landscape Lighting

When it came time to add lighting to additional areas and retrofit fixtures which the homeowner had purchased on their own they contacted Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island. After a consultation and walk-through of the property and listening to the needs of the client, we not only completed the items on their list but we replaced all of the fixtures with ours and added wash lighting to the home’s facade.

Manhassett, NY, Landscape Lighting

The end result looks phenomenal and the homeowners couldn’t be happier! By updating the design with new OLP fixtures and integrating that same LED lighting technology into the fixtures the homeowner purchased, we were able to make the installation cohesive from an aesthetic and light quality perspective.

Manhassett, NY, Landscape LightingIf you are still operating a halogen landscape lighting system, or are in need of updating your current fixtures, in most cases, we can retrofit or upgrade to LED to bring your system up to date. Believe it or not, in the next decade nearly 75% of households will be using LED lighting indoors and out!

Call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island at 631.266.6200 or email us at olpli@outdoorlights.com to learn how.

We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk and the Hamptons.


Open Your Pool Up To Limitless Possibilities With Long Island Pool Lighting!


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Come on in — the water’s fine!

When the evening temperatures rise the pool becomes the go-to spot for cooling off, outdoor entertaining and more! Why not enhance your pool and water feature backyard experience with lighting?

Beautiful Deck Long Island NY deck surround lighting

As Long Islanders begin to prepare their properties for the warm-weather season pool preparation is on many of their minds. Whether you are in the process of installing a new pool or have an existing pool, outdoor lighting will enhance your total experience.

Pools are great for daytime fun but they take on a whole new life at night, especially when you employ the experience and expertise of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island. Evening entertaining around your pool, evening swims or just reading a book by the pool becomes an event that soothes all the senses when you add pool and water feature lighting to the scenario.

Long Island NY pool and landscape lighting a beautiful collaboration

During the warm seasons from late spring all the way into the autumn, temperatures on Long Island can soar during the evening hours. With that in mind, wouldn’t the addition of lighting to your pool and other backyard water features, like your spa be a great way to extend their hours of use? I know there are many summer evenings when you would love nothing better than to jump right in your pool and cool down, unfortunately, that isn’t a possibility if you are in the dark.Long Island elegant pool lighting

When hosting friends or family over for dinner and conversation wouldn’t it be great to be able to carry the evening poolside? Imagine the cook-out, dinner party and outdoor celebration possibilities you are missing by keeping your pool in the dark. Pool lighting is an effect that can transport your mood. Pool lighting can make your landscape, hardscapes and all the areas surrounding your pool take on a whole new persona in the evening.

Long Island water feature lightingThe pool is not the only water feature that can benefit from the addition of outdoor lighting. A trickling water feature is hypnotic during the day, but when light is added to that same water feature, the result is breathless. Exquisitely integrated water features such as waterfalls, fountains and koi ponds which are readily used in the design of East End landscapes become a focal point by adding light.

Our professionally designed pool lighting can mean the difference between a pool with just lights and a pool surround that takes on an ambiance strong enough to change your mood. Pool lighting, especially for homeowners that use their pool in the evening is a necessity for safety’s sake, too, by increased visibility and traction. Pool lighting can add depth and texture to the landscape, and serve as a focal point of beauty within your backyard.

Long Island Pool and water feature lighting

Call us today at 631.266.6200 or email us at olpli@outdoorlights.com to bring your pool and water features a whole new level of excitement. We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk County and the Hamptons.

Spring is for Planting and Outdoor Living and That Means Landscape Lighting!


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Spring is in the air on Long Island

Spring is in the air on Long Island.

Spring is in the air on Long Island. From the mild temperatures perfect for enjoying the spoils of outdoor living to the colorful blooms emerging from our landscapes. Now is the time when many residents get to work improving their landscapes and their outdoor spaces. In much the same way outdoor furnishings complete a new deck or patio, or mulching tops off your garden, landscape lighting is the perfect finishing touch to all your outdoor upgrades!

Borders, islands, perennial accents and foundation plantings benefit from landscape lighting. 

Flowers, trees and shrubs along the front, and within, your home’s exterior provide stunning curb appeal during the day. With Long Island landscape lighting we can make sure those beautiful features are adored at night. Not only for you and your guests to enjoy, but also for passersby’s to take note of the most gorgeous house on the block!

Long Island Tree Lighting

In the case of privacy screens, fence or shrub lines that represent the boundaries of a property line. We can illuminate these areas to create a continuous wall of light that will subtly showcase the edges of your landscape.

Decks, patios, outdoor kitchens and all your outdoor structures benefit from outdoor lighting.

When it comes to lighting outdoor living spaces, most tend to think of simply illuminating the exterior of the structure. This leaves many aspects void of landscape lighting, areas that would actually extend your living space physically and visually. When outdoor lighting is added to a dark backyard, it visually pushes the boundaries of an area. The more elements that are lit, the more options you have to gravitate to beyond the living space itself. Pushing this boundary creates a visually striking look for the outside of the house and encourages those utilizing your spaces a mode to spread out and relax.  A good example of this concept is integrating deck or patio lighting alongside landscape lighting — giving the illusion that your outdoor living area(s) extend past the exit.

Long Island deck and patio lighting

The views from the interior of your home benefit from the addition of lighting, too!

When Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island designs a new lighting plan, we carefully consider what impact the addition will have on the inside of your home.  Especially in the main living areas that look outward into your landscape. If the living or dining room is in the back of the house, shifting the balance of the entire lighting plan to better represent the most trafficked area may be a desire of the homeowner. Opposite to this, if the bedroom is in a particular area that has a lot of windows, the design may require extra care not to put too much light into that area.

Long Island outdoor lighting enjoyment from the inside out

Long Island landscape lighting enjoyment from the inside out.

No matter what type of renovation of addition you have in mind this spring, we can ensure your project is highlighted in the best light!

Learn more about reaping the benefits of your outdoor living or landscape investments through professional landscape lighting. For a complimentary design consultation or answers to questions, please contact us at 631.266.6200 or email us at olpli@outdoorlights.com We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk County and the Hamptons.

Long Island Lighting Promises to Make Your Bed and Breakfast a Memorable Destination!


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long-island-bed-and-breakfast-outdoor-lightingThere is something truly special about the atmosphere at a bed & breakfast, tavern or inn that you just don’t find with other lodgings. Maybe it’s the personable atmosphere, the quaint surroundings or the fact that your stay is in the home of someone who knows your destination best. Here in the Long Island area, the finer details of staying at a B&B go far beyond the charming decor or the focus on creature comforts. Many owners attribute much of their success to delivering the overall package to guests. This includes not only the interior but the property’s exterior spaces as well.

The key to representing the whole package is making sure your guest’s stay is unforgettable from the moment they enter the grounds to their departure. Hospitality outdoor lighting helps nurture the ambiance, beauty and carefree mood that you want to portray at your location. For example, if you have gardens on the grounds or an outdoor water feature or pool,  you want to afford your patrons the freedom to enjoy these destinations day or night. Maybe outdoor dining is a perk of your particular inn, imagine making it dazzling with landscape and/or overhead festival lighting that transports their senses to an exotic location to rival what is on the menu!

Festival Lighting for Long Island B&B's

The service at a B&B goes way beyond just providing you with comfortable lodging for your vacation. B&B owners will go out of their way to make sure their homes, landscapes and outdoor living spaces adhere to many levels of comfort.


All of the above and more are the reasons why outdoor lighting is so important in ensuring the happiness of your guests. It also helps solidify positive referrals and return visits.  Guests will initially come for the lodging and hospitality but they’ll return because of the beautiful and lasting impression you make.


Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long IslandWhether it be a retro-fit of an outdated system or a new-build plan, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island provides expert consultation, the latest technologies and premium fixtures for your B&B, inn, tavern or lodge.

For a complimentary design consultation or answers to questions, please contact us at 631.266.6200 or email us at olpli@outdoorlights.com We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk County and the Hamptons.

Trust and Confidence; Two Elements Our Customers are Certain About


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Long Island LED outdoor lightingHere at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island, we are much more than just an outdoor lighting company. Yes. Outdoor Lighting is our business. Not a side line. Not part of other endeavors we manage. However, we strive to treat each customer as if they were the one and only customer we have. We listen and really hear what our customers are saying. Part of the magic that happens when designing a custom lighting project comes from the input we take in from the valuable communication our customers provide.

Outdoor lighting system maintenanceOn the next level, we are more than the company that designs and installs the lighting. We are the helpful voice on the other end of the line when you call with a question. We are the service providers who quickly come out to repair any issue that may arise, from a leaning fixture after the storm, to a burnt-out bulb. We are also the ones that take pride in maintaining your outdoor lighting system and keeping it in tip-top shape. We are the Long Island outdoor lighting company you can have confidence in and place your trust. With this in mind, can you answer “YES” to either of the following questions:

Do you trust your outdoor lighting provider enough to share with family and friends?

Do you trust the design experience of your outdoor lighting provider enough to have them help with your indoor lighting?

Recently, both of the above situations occurred with two of our valued customers.

The first question was answered by one of our current lighting customers who shared our Facebook page on her neighborhood Facebook page. The end result from putting her trust in our service is a new commercial client that we are currently helping with lighting, and assisting in overseeing the addition of an outdoor living space and new landscaping. Through our network of contacts we are able to assist this client with more than just outdoor lighting. As lighting professionals, we are accustomed to partnering with landscape architects, architects, builders and other professionals within the scale of our shared trade(s).


The second question, which confirms how our clients place their trust in our design expertise is a customer whose home was featured in the recent “Holiday of Homes” tour. This wonderful customer was confident enough with us that she contacted us to assist in the addition of indoor lighting and decor to help highlight her home for the event.

img_2148-1It makes us smile when our many satisfied customers refer us to their friends and family because it proves that we’ve done a great job and they have confidence and trust in our work. In addition to referrals, we also have many return customers who contact us when they are ready to extend their existing design, expand lighting into other areas of their property or when they move from one home into another and want another amazing outdoor lighting design. The power of referrals and return customers speaks volumes about the relationship we have with them — and it should speak volumes to you too.

By delivering a memorable experience, we ensure our continued success and growth thanks to customers who are more than happy to share the experiences they had working with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island. We want to make sure that your lighting project turns out to fulfil not only your vision, but will provide you years of solid service, too.

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island to discuss how we can help you create a unique custom outdoor lighting arrangement that transforms the look of your home or business, and much more! Call us today at  631.266.6200 or email us at olpli@outdoorlights.com. We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk and the Hamptons.


At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island the night is ours




Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island Lights the Greene Turtle in East Meadow in Honor of the Season

Greene Turtle EastmeadowOutdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island is crazy about the Greene Turtle! You may remember our post from last season “The Greene Turtle gets holiday-ready with a little help from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island“, when we designed and installed the indoor and outdoor holiday lighting in honor of the Green Turtle’s  East Meadow location grand opening. This year, we returned to the location for a command performance filled with holiday cheer!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island added illuminated holiday garlands  and wreaths throughout the space, from the backdrop of their spacious bar area to the ledge that lines the booths.  Seasonal touches are present everywhere to help put every patron in the holiday spirit!

Greene Turtle Eastmeadow

Not only do we light up residences all over Long Island with outdoor landscape and holiday lighting, but we love to do commercial businesses as well. Whether it’s a restaurant like Greene Turtle, an antique shop, a bed & breakfast or hotel –we can help you get your business holiday ready. We are honored and proud to have installed the holiday lighting and decor for a fourth season at the Greene Turtle’s Franklin Square location in addition to our second year at the East Meadow location, featured here.

Exterior holiday lighting at the Greene Turtle

Exterior holiday lighting at the Greene Turtle.


We realize the value that holiday decor and lighting adds to your storefront. It helps draw in customers and creates a memorable appeal that brings them back. Our high quality lights and decorations come in a variety of styles and designs that will suit any style and taste. We can create any look and feel you want to impact your customers and give them the mood and ambiance you seek when it comes to both outdoor and holiday lighting.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Long Island the night is oursWe enjoy working with the Greene Turtle Bar & Grille franchise and look forward to working with them in the future.
If you are ready to add holiday flair and a welcoming environment for your customers at your business. Call us today at  631.266.6200 or email us at olpli@outdoorlights.com. We serve all of Long Island including Nassau County, Suffolk and the Hamptons.